Tuesday, May 3, 2011

yay! tuesday!

and pam and nancy and jenifer and lynn all came to play in the studio! what fun!

i love the creative energy, seeing what everyone is doing, talking and being more intuitive in my work because i am just letting things happen. pam was doing assemblage, nancy making jewelry, jenifer doing watercolor (we are dying to see how she does the dandelion seed head) and lynn glazing a horse head sculpture. i was making backgrounds, which i'm sure will appear later with animals on them.

in the meantime, i tried another tree transfer on the ready patch. maybe barb will talk to me again if i manage not to mess this one up.


i turned it until i liked the spatters below the tree and then slathered on caulk. here i am peeling the transparency back after burnishing & letting it set for a bit-

and the end result (will scan tomorrow when it's completely dry). i like it. spray var before anything else this time! and maybe a spatter of paint on top, but it's pretty good.

i do want to try lazertran, which should sink into the surface, but it requires turpentine & i need it to be a little bit warmer out.....

i'm curious to see what animals want to be painted on the new backgrounds- which are mostly red. i have a crane wanting attention too.....stay tuned!


Pam McKnight said...

thanks for having us and it was good to know that 5 was not too crowded! and may I say boy, are you fast, I had barely published my blog and already had a comment from you! :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the tree--the BG and spatter is a perfect fit with it~~it just all works so good!
Sounds like you had a fun, productive evening!


Judy Wood said...

Let us know (I'm sure you will!!) how the Lazertran goes. The other thing it needs is more money, as, if I recall correctly, it's more of an outlay to acquire it.

marianne said...

thanks anne!

yes, judy, lazertran isn't cheap- i have some i bought years ago and i hope it still works! i will keep you posted- weather's warming up, s/b able to work outside soon (which may also mean encoustic experiments)