Tuesday, May 17, 2011


for many years i took art classes on tuesday nights. that's where i met nancy & jenifer, where i gained confidence and learned to feel safe trying new things. i was lucky to find a great teacher. i promised her that we would keep getting together and creating and we do. i am so glad about that, and kathy's encouragement has a great deal to do with the fact that i'm even putting my art out there at all.

i do miss getting feedback from a teacher sometimes (different from peer feedback- which is no less valuable) and the community i have found online is very helpful for that. we had a conversation tonight about people who ask for feedback but don't really want to change anything. and people who think providing feedback means telling you to do it exactly as they would. both miss the point completely.

it surprises me sometimes that i am able to ask for input on my art and be objective (note i can be objective when i ask for input- unsolicited advice, not always so much).  i think that's partly because i want to get better and partly because i have found people who want to help me get better. i've been fortunate to find teachers who say "if this is your intention, great, but just in case it's not, here's what i see". i have learned to shut up and not defend myself and hear it out because i understand that i can still see it differently and that's ok.

here's some of what i worked on tonight-

her head is too big for her body- intentional- but i am going to work on her feet & seemingly lopsided lower body.

i think that there will be koi on the left. after all, the cat & bird must be watching something. i'm hoping i have some photos & can do a transfer. enough painting! but if i HAVE to i will.....

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Barb said...

I'm begging you to keep the eyes! Also, wish I had thought of Koi - perfect and still Asian. Finally rain tapered off here - whew! I hear it's snowing in Breck...