Sunday, May 15, 2011

sunday this n that

a few shots from this morning's hike- first, a color besides yellow

oh, how the yellow glows, though!

i am tempted to call this guy done- what do you think (and i really need honest feedback as i liked it better before i "fixed" some things last time & don't want to keep going only to keep liking it less)

i thought i was going to paint a buffalo on this, but the bird was really wanting to stay visible, and asked for something else. tinkerbell was happy to oblige. i followed my now usual method of tracing the outline of the photo (maybe cheating, maybe just reducing the annoyance factor- i did take the photo after all) and then roughed in with gesso. might need a mouse on the other side of the "wall"- or something cat and bird might be looking at. hmmmm.

airport hanging this week. need new art at the gallery tomorrow. i felt so far ahead for this month and am now once again freaking out. i do have 2 weeks til the gallery hanging, tho, and if i can call the crane done soon & get julie to frame him i will be closer. tink should go fairly quickly, and i think the buffalo will show up on the gold/bronze background that's evolving.

it was a nice, productive (and yet still nap-y) weekend. i even got some work done on the back yard before the rain came.

read rodney crowell's book chinaberry sidewalks and really enjoyed it. as one would expect from a talented songwriter he writes very well. the story is a bit hard, but love shines through. i then started steven tyler's does the noise in my head bother you? and felt like i went from a quiet calm room to, well, a rock show. and why would i expect anything different?

hope everyone had a good weekend-


Barb said...

Had to go back to see what you "fixed" on the crane. Actually like the details you added. Thought I liked that pale orange color at the bird's feet but like it also with nothing as "ground." The kitty one is very Asian-looking. Maybe a Chinese symbol on the left?

becky said...

I do like the crane. I know what you mean, though. If I take pics of the process (so I can review/remember the steps along the way) sometimes I will like something in it's "before state." The kitty is evolving nicely. It's got an asian feel to it.