Saturday, May 7, 2011

photo interlude

the art give away was by all accounts a smashing success. people were heard talking about it around town, the room was packed, we have gotten very excited emails from recipients. (i must confess that i haven't heard from the people who got mine and i am sure that they are sorely disappointed with what was found....maybe they'll give them away to someone who will like them).

photo safari today on the marsh. i love driving out there in the morning- me, the dogs & the camera, mr. dylan providing the sound track until we hit the marsh, then the windows go down to hear the birds call, stopping like a damn tourist in the middle of the road if there's a photo opp (b/c there is not likely to be anyone who cares).

there are 3 houses out of 9 on our block in fairfield empty and back to the bank. that's on one block in a town of less than 400 people. the daffodils by the abandoned house below are a reminder of someone's hopes. we run across things like this all of the time when we're hiking- remains of orchards, iris or daffodils growing in the oddest spots- places where people tried to make a home. my hope is always that they abandoned the spot voluntarily, for better options, even though i know that's probably not so realistic.

it was all about the sky today. spring on the marsh with the water and mountains is dramatic and awe inspiring-

as are the sandhill cranes. i should stop trying to shoot them dancing and just enjoy watching- tho i need to watch thru the camera, because they're far away, so i may as well press the shutter & hope for a decent photo (which this isn't, but you get the flavor of the dance)


Barb said...

Your photos today are so awesome, Marianne. Plus, I would have been very happy to "find" your pieces of art, as I'm sure the lucky people were.

becky said...

That's a nice thought about the abandoned houses. I always wonder about them, too.
Beautiful blustery day photography.