Sunday, May 8, 2011

painting on gold leaf

trying another animal painting, this a crane on gold leaf. below is the photo i took (blurry, but i love the gesture and have seen enough cranes to be able to paint from it.

to the left, a larger drawing (which turned out pretty well, considering i haven't drawn anything for ages- and then used a grid) with the gold leaf underneath. i tried carbon paper, but it didn't work.

what did happen, tho, was that the image showed up on the gold leaf, so i went back over with the pencil, harder, and got my outlines.

and here is the first shot at painting it in. i may end up going to alkyds on this one, we'll see, but for now, a good start.

happy monday all- hope everyone had a good weekend!

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dthaase said...

wonderful piece of art