Sunday, May 29, 2011

more photos

the camas are starting to bloom, later than last year, which is good for me since i won't be back up for 2 weeks- and am bringing some friends on photo safari then. we should have some good flowers left.

the bloom was farther along in this area, and i was tickled to find a crane in the midst of the flowers. a bit far for a great shot, but fun nonetheless.

one of my favorite birds- a favorite yellow headed blackbird singing his heart out

often when it's stormy in the spring the light is such that the vegetation looks lime green and is striking against the dark, prussian blue skies. i didn't quite get that light but like the movement of the sky and water in this one.

and the sunset- not as striking as last night, majestic all the same.

home tomorrow, to the gallery at noon to hang for june and to hang the BOSCO show. yuk. i'm sure it will be fun once i get there- i could just use a whole day in the studio (where i haven't been much lately). oh well- there's always tuesday night!


Barb said...

The crane in the Camus is a gift - as is the light. Still mountain snow, I see. Our son called today from our Breck house and reported lots of snow still in the yard and on trails.

becky said...

Hi Marianne,
so nice to see the green & colors of spring! (& still snow in the mountains!) It was 85 here yesterday- it seems we have moved right on summer! Hope to get in the mountains next weekend & see what wildflowers are blooming at higher elevations. Good luck hanging for the shows!