Friday, May 13, 2011


the lazertran on drywall compound experiment-

i have used lazertran with luck in the past- both the waterslide decal type on canvas and the laser type with encaustic- but it was a while ago, and i was curious about how the inkjet type would work on a porous material like drywall compound.

i actually printed on the right side this time :)

in the water

separated from the background-

once dry (and it will curl up on you!), trying to melt into the background. this step involves turpentine & is best done outside.

it seems that the drywall compound is too porous- the turpentine was absorbed before the lazertran soaked in.

i remembered something about putting turpentine on top of the image too from years ago when i did this, but that loosened the image, tho it did make the product soak in better.

so, back to the drawing board- plaster may work better, being less porous than the drywall compound. maybe i should try on canvas again, just to see if the lt is still good after how ever many years.....

happy weekend all!


Diane said...

I love the clarity of Lazertran but never was able to do much else with it. The image you chose is lovely! Happy Saturday!

Barb said...

Always experimenting - I guess that's what creativity is all about! (I'm freezing here in CA!)

becky said...

I want to do this!!!!