Tuesday, May 10, 2011

it's tuesday!

i was all set to blog about lazertran on wallboard compound- i even have photos right up to the point i realized that i printed on the wrong side! duh! the white side.... so that will have to wait til later.

luckily it was studio night. nancy's friend brought her some owl pellets as a gift. when nancy told us this she was kind of laughing & shaking her head, but pam & i thought it made perfect sense.

nancy spent tonight unwrapping her present (in a manner of speaking)

the first find- an itty bitty jaw bone-

some sort of wild skull

the evening's results from one pellet-

nancy's not sure what she's going to do with all of these little bones, but pam & i are confident it will be something wonderful

i worked more on the crane-

and finished these- 

and worked more on some backgrounds. there may be a buffalo in the future. and i will print on the right side of the lazertran & share results :)


Barb said...

How interesting that all those bones were in one pellet - a well fed owl! I love the crane. It looks like it knows where it's headed.

becky said...

Hi Marianne!
I get all busy w/ work & school... then i come on over & see how much I've missed in such a short period of time! You do stay busy & are so great about posting regularly. (me, not so much!) I do love all those little bones. Reminds me of an archeological dig! There is a woman in Santa Fe that does all her artwork from bones. Really quite interesting, though I cannot recall her name.
Your crane is turning out beautifully so far, I did scroll down to see where you started. So fun to watch the transformation!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love that crane!!! (love the others too, but the crane just jumps right out!)
All those bones will clean up nicely given a hydrogen peroxide soak.
That is what I do with the ones I save, though I have not scavenged owl pellets yet.
YET. ;-)


marianne said...

thanks all! anne- i'll pass that along to nancy, in case she didn't know.

and thanks for the kind words on the crane- he is coming along, hope i don't mess him up! :)