Thursday, May 19, 2011

gotta make art!

it's been a good week sales- wise- 2 at the airport (not the itty bitty ones either) and 2 downtown (those were 6x6, but i'm happy about those too).

and then i realized that i need something for the boise open studios show in june- which is going to be at the art source, so it might be nice if it's something that wasn't just hanging there- and art and roses is in a few weeks, and hanging at the gallery is the week before that and next thing you know i am freaking out about having enough art.

i am having fun with the animals on the mixed backgrounds, so i prepped a few more backgrounds. texture is the thing, but i also want to get to where bits of the background peek out & work with the painting. it's a goal.

somewhere in the process i decided that the one on the left will be an owl (i have a photo that would have been just awesome but for the damn branch in the owl's face- it'll work fine to paint from) and a buffalo- possibly with a raven on its back- on the right.

the owl (the mystery of magic, omens, silent wisdom and visions in the night) after a coat of prussian & alcohol drops- i'm sure there will be a few more layers-

and the buffalo (manifesting abundance through right action and right prayer). notice the heart near the center made by an alcohol drop?

it occurs to me that i want to write the significance of the animal into the art somewhere. it's going to be fun to see where these go.

the cat is in process- don't worry barb, haven't touched the eye, just working on the koi part.

taking a workshop on saturday- on the use of resin, which could have all sorts of fun mixed media applications, hope to have time for art sunday- that and planting- i have a trip to my favorite nursery planned.

happy friday all!


Pam McKnight said...

congrats on your sales! I'm looking forward to the workshop too!

becky said...

Hey Marianne,
congrats on your sales, that is AWESOME!!! ooooh, resin does sound very cool. i've been seeing work w/ some sort of thick acrylic or resin over lay that is really interesting. can't wait to see where this leads! love watching you work! i've got so many big ideas, my head can hardly contain them i've got to start writing them down! my semester just wrapped up today, but but got some more work back today & will get more in the upcoming week. it's so exciting! I want to spend some time checking out the galleries in town & other people work just to see what's happening out there.
ps- love the symbolism in both the animals you chose.