Wednesday, May 4, 2011

giving away art

 boise open studios collective is participating in a huge local arts event tomorrow night called modern art. local boutique hotel (old travelodge gone way cool) opens the rooms to artists the first thursday in may. it's about experiencing art more than selling. there's performance art, participatory art, all sorts of fun stuff.

our group is stashing art around town and having clues in the room along with photos of the work so people can go out & find pieces they like. tonight's project was getting my things ready to give away.

i'm putting mine in local businesses, and will deliver them tomorrow.

putting together tags with the explanation of what's going on, my business card, the bosco logo-

now i hope that someone goes looking for them! how embarrassing it will be if they're still sitting around in a week! (of course, we know how these things go, and i would probably take them to the gallery & sell 'em- you just never know).

i love the idea of doing things like this. gypsy gallery did an atc give away around town a few years ago & had a blast. there were artists who were aghast at giving away even atcs (those would be the ones who sell theirs, tho the whole idea began as a trade). what do you think about art give aways?


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I would definitely be looking for them! :-)
I'm sure someone will love them....I have worked a project like this before and I kid you not, people here didn't UNDERSTAND it...omg....
I live in the hinterlands!!!


Refinerii said...

I love give-aways :) Over the years, I have given a lot of work away, & it has always been rewarding & fun :) Some of the pieces that I have made as gifts have been the most fun to make; cuz its about making something special, instead of making something that will sell... Hope the event goes well :)


Barb said...

What fun - I wish I was there. I'd be reading your clues. I love the second one the best. (I like the bird...) It sounds like work, though - for you!

marianne said...

thanks for the replies.
@ anne- as you know, lots of things are the same no matter where you are!
@ amber- what i love about this is the idea of random found art, though i do also enjoy making specific gifts and giving them away
@ barb- glad you're back! thought i lost you with the tree!

Diane said...

WOW! Another great idea! I did an ATC giveaway last year after reading about yours & I want to do it again. That was soooo much fun!
I absolutely LOVE the 2nd pic you have posted. Happy Saturday, Marianne!

marianne said...

diane- another idea that i can't take credit for! but am happy to pass along....

becky said...

In answer to your question, I think art giveaways are great, but that is me, and that is what I do. But mostly to friends & family. Sometimes I feel like that little kid that comes home & goes "look what I made... and it's for you!" Though someday, I do hope to sell too! :)
The second is my fav too, and the words & musical notes go so well w/ the imagery.