Friday, May 27, 2011

does fort worth ever cross your mind?

been busy, hopefully art time this weekend. i did snap a few photos in fort worth earlier this week.

there are nice deco touches on buildings all around downtown.

a jazz club tucked away in an alley.

the view from the pool on the 5th floor of the courtyard.

and the sky when i went out to take a few photos.

i was in my room on the 12th floor watching the storm roll in- clouds roiling, lightning flashing and decided to go out to the pool area to try to get some shots of the sky. back to the room and found out that there were tornadoes all to the north & east of downtown, baseball and golf ball sized hail, lots of damage.

the destruction that a big storm can do is awful- my heart goes out to the many people whose lives have been upended by recent weather. at the same time, the power of the storm is awesome- in the old fashioned sense of truly inspiring awe. watching the sky move and feeling the electricity in the air makes me feel the power and the mystery of something so much bigger than myself and reminds me of the unpredictability inherent in life.

hope my friends in the midwest stay safe. happy memorial day weekend to all-


Diane said...

Lovely pics, Marianne. Wishing you a great memorial day!

Judy Wood said...

I'm not a "jazz person" (except for vintage from the 20s) but that photo is exactly what I think a jazz place should look like. Just great!!

Barb said...

Amazing shots - I really like the reflection of downtown. We had a storm by the ocean in OR last night - scary! However, a tornado would really be heart-stopping.