Monday, May 30, 2011

another day on the marsh

and a beautiful morning it was too.....

i think that this bird thinks it is invisible. it stayed very still the whole time i photographed it and you can see it was watching me carefully.

if you look to the right of the post on the right you will see a little head sticking out in much the same position, but facing the other bird. my guess is that this is her nest and this is their defense mechanism. which would probably work well against predators who are stimulated by movement.

i saw an amazing display of cranes dancing, which will be saved for a future post. made me smile all day, which was good, b/c hanging was sort of a bear. but it looks great & all's well that ends well, right?

hope everyone had a great weekend, welcome to the working week....

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Barb said...

Your photos are fabulous, Marianne! Those watery ones with the snow-covered hills and clouds are spectacular. I would have missed the little bird in the last photo if you hadn't pointed it out - how curious that they are both standing that way. You must be right about the stance being protective.