Sunday, May 22, 2011

and a different sort of creating.....

today was all about the yard- well, it was all about the yard after the dogs & i got our walk in. not much happened in the yard last year ( or the year before) so it's been in need of some tlc. this was covered with silver lace vine, the evil stuff- 12 years growth, 4 or 5 plants- it was bad. steve hacked it off and the side yard is once again light. a bit of cover wouldn't be bad- it faces south & can get pretty warm, but the vine was too much.

now we can see the wisteria blooming

i got things cleaned out and hooked up the fountain today- love to sit and listen to the water run.

moved old friends around to new spots

planted all sorts of stuff- the rose should be really happy that the vine is gone

the back yard, also in major remodel mode. all grass banished, hot tub added, things moved around to accommodate that & the studio- it's going to be great when it's done- and it's getting close-

i got to visit my favorite greenhouse today & bring home plants. yay! this is always my downfall because things look so sparse. i did toss in some annual seeds to fill in the holes- hopeful they'll sprout & do just that (along with providing bloom) soon. and yes. another fountain-

steve extended the walkway to the studio's porch and i planted containers to break things up. also planted 'maters & basil. it's looking good! 

that was all of the art that got done today, tho. off to ft worth tuesday & wednesday, so it could be a slow art week. will post as i am able.

have a great week!


Barb said...

You are a gardening dynamo! Next thing, you'll be harvesting those tomatoes. I love the happy Buddha! (And the fountains.)

becky said...

Spring cleaning & planting! I love you smiling chubby buddha. :) I think I could live in your studio- it is just so darn cute!