Saturday, April 16, 2011

who has time to blog?

thursday night was the last we art women fundraiser for the women's and children's alliance. the event started 18 years ago and was held in a local club. it is one of the places i first got up my nerve to put my art out there. i actually sold some pieces. i also met zella, a fine artist who is one of the kindest, most encouraging women i know. she always recognized me and made me feel like a "real" artist.

5 years ago, zella asked me to co-chair the event. her plan was to turn it over to me eventually, but i didn't feel like i could take it on, and the rest of the committee was done too, so this was the last year.

and it was a great event. turnout was high, people had fun, we sold some art & lots of silent auction goodies and were treated to a fabulous performance by the divas of boise, a group of local women musicians who have supported the event since the beginning.

with vacation & we art women behind me, things should slow down & get back to normal (whatever that is!) i did manage to photograph the first flowers today-

and walk the dogs, get some yardwork in, celebrate a birthday and squeeze in a smidge of studio time. more of that tomorrow for sure.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This seems to be that time of year for everyone that just goes into overdrive. I think I have *time* and then discover piles of things needing attention, the least of which is the yard.
I'm still trying to get a few hours in the studio.....
Hopefully for you too!


becky said...

Happy Spring, Marianne!
Loving your bunny piece so far- can't wait to see how it transforms... so fun watching the way your mind works & your works in progress!

Barb said...

Your Peony is wonderful, Marianne. I'm in Denver, and it's spring here, too.