Sunday, April 3, 2011


just back from one of my favorite places- jackson, wyoming.

we skied a bit- the snow wasn't great, but we had a few good runs-

drove into grand teton national park. the grand was hiding behind the clouds, but it was beautiful just the same

one of my favorite things about winter in this part of the world is the contrast of willow, snow and blue sky & water.

another bonus of the willow lined creeks is the chance of spotting a moose.

in fact, we always go moose hunting (with the camera) when in jackson- and so far have not been disappointed.

besides the wild side of things, there is art all over town. lots of sculpture and galleries rubbing elbows with tacky souvenir stores, restaurants, western wear & outdoor gear shops & bars- a great place to while away an afternoon or two after skiing.

next up- a few days of work then off again, to denver to see john mellencamp & visit with the folks for a few days.

have a great week! hope to sneak in some studio time and of course there will be photos :)


Barb said...

I LOVE Jackson Hole - haven't skied there is several years though. I've seen moose there, too - right along the highway from the ski area into town. I'm in Breckenridge - have a great time with your parents! (Go to Strings for brunch if there over weekend.)

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Yes, the colours are beautiful. Can't believe you go moose hunting. Here, my elusive creature of choice is the tiny red squirrel!

becky said...

Some beautiful country! Would you believe i've never seen a moose in person? Glad you had a nice vacation!