Sunday, April 17, 2011

silly me

well, i meant to get into the studio today, but the best laid plans...... our back yard has been in serious need of tlc, because with a tiny yard and 2 big dogs (i'm 5'5'' to give you an idea) the grass doesn't stand a chance. not that they spend much time back there, but still.

the building of the studio involved trenching out a spot to run electricity, and that involved lots of moved (or not) plants. so here's how the yard looked this morning:

steve wanted to get a deck on the studio & build flower boxes, and i haven't done any gardening for a while & that sounded good, so off to home depot, and home with manure & soil aid and the double digging began. and pulling out evil oregano that was lurking everywhere. did you know that oregano is as bad as mint in the invasiveness category? neither did i- but it is!

double digging and manure digging in and berming and dividing and planting and mulching hours later here's where the yard sits. i am going to try very hard to be good and plant at the recommended distance. i promised myself i could fill in with annuals if i think it looks bare. my front yard is wildly overgrown, so i have plenty of things to divide & bring back. i want some fragrant things too, near the studio, because

it now has this wonderful porch to sit on! once i figure out how to get the masking tape that's baked on the glass off the door & touch up the paint won't it be cute?

and a planter box on the side

and another in the alley, for tomatoes, because it faces west & will get plenty of sun. we're going to add a drip system on a timer so my lack of the maintenance gene doesn't result in death for the poor plants, as has been known to happen.

also planted pansies in the boxes on the front steps & did lots of clean up- 10 assorted bags/ trash cans full- yesterday. it seems that i didn't do ANY yardwork last year and i am now paying. i have been talking about dividing plants for 2 years and just now am getting to it. good thing i don't care about having things too manicured!

anyway- art tomorrow & tuesday- gotta get those last 36 inches done for the may hanging.

happy spring all!


Barb said...

Hi Marianne, I loved seeing this yard project. How cute is your studio with that porch? Have you ever planted morning glories? I planted some seed (you must nick it with a knife and put the seed in warm water for a bit before planting) last spring here in Denver, and they grew so fast - you'd already have a trellis for them at the back of the garden. I also like Nasturtium which is easy (don't fertilize it too much though or it won't flower). I use it in my containers and it vines nicely. I worked in my tiny yard this AM, too - ruthlessly cut back and or dug out a couple roses that aren't doing anything and replanted in a sunnier spot. I may have killed them! Supposed to rain here - I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

marianne said...

that lattice on the fence will be covered in sweet autumn clematis by mid summer, tho i did plant a spung blooming clematis & a japanese honeysuckle (which may not survive the move) near the far end. i do want to plant something in the support in the garden, tho and will try climding nasturtium- i have planted the low growing type & really like them- stay tuned!