Saturday, April 30, 2011


started the day hanging art at a massage shop. my dear friend zella brought me this opportunity- she shows here annually and sells and she didn't have enough to fill the space this year so she asked if i would show with her. i was able to hang photos (which i can't at the gallery).

the studio owner didn't seem too thrilled with my work, but i have always wondered why these flower images are still hanging around & this seems the perfect venue to send them off with new happy owners. fingers crossed.

after that, i got to do lots of yard work and make a trip to the dump. at least it was sunny. got a few dog walks in too. then to the studio. tomorrow is hangin' day at the gallery & i had to ready things to go.

my other job today was to find spots to give away art. BOSCO (boise open studios collective) is participating in a big art event in town- modern art (you may remember this from last year when i did it with some friends)- where the modern hotel opens its rooms to artists & has a big party. it's a really fun & packed & crazy high profile event.

our open studios group is working on reinventing ourselves & raising our profile after a few years of focusing exclusively on open studio weekends. it seems that we need to build a brand & keep the public aware of us to get folks to our studios.

for modern art, we are planting free art around town. the room will have photos of the art & a visual and written clue as to where to find it. we have some really great artists giving away some really great art.

i seriously want to find these earrings by barbara bowling-

but who wouldn't love to find this piece by delia delapp

or this shot of our fair city by eric obendorf?

here is one of my pieces for the giveaway-

the other is marinating under a glop of matte medium in the studio. this is going to be fun! i hope that someone wants to find mine.....

my last thought from today is a comment a friend made that they hoped that hanging and selling my art was making me happy. i am never quite sure how to take these things when they come up. this particular friend and i haven't been spending much time together lately, and i find it odd to single out art as the thing that she hopes is making me happy. i spend time on lots of other things that i would equally hope i enjoy- why call out the art?

i have other friends i make art with, but it's been that way for 10 or 11 years ever since i started taking classes on tuesday nights. i have gotten more involved in the community since i've been in the gallery & involved in helping revitalize BOSCO.

my art has become more of a focus, and i do like it. i love learning and being challenged and knowing that something i created means enough to a stranger that they want to have it in their home. that to me is amazing. i love being part of a creative community that is so supportive. i love the way we share ideas and help each other grow. i love having the ability to experiment and play and maybe it works and maybe it doesn't but you learn & build on it either way. i am amazed that i am regarded as a peer by people whose art i admire.

i'd say yeah, pretty much making art and most things associated with it make me happy.

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