Tuesday, April 19, 2011

one from start to finish

in my never ending quest for new things to try i picked up some ready patch at the hardware store to use as a base for some mixed media pieces.

i really like plaster of paris because of its absorbency, but it is very brittle when put on canvas & requires lots of gel medium to keep it from flaking off. someone suggested trying drywall paste, which is how i ended up with this.

this is an application of watered down quinceadrine nickel azo, soaking in irregularly & making for interesting color variations. so far, so good.

i added several layers of color, including more nickel azo & some sienna, then spattered some prussian blue on for interest.

time to decide on an image- tried on two transparencies-

i like this one better because more of the background shows through

i added more spatters- titan white and copper

then the transfer. i added caulk over the entire area to have the same texture & sheen throughout. i will try with lazertran as well, as that will sink into the base & create a different look. i think that'll wait til i can work outside, though- it requires turpentine!

and here is the finished product- i added another layer of spatters- fine gold this time. if you click on the image & enlarge you will see the texture from both the ready patch and the caulk as well as the depth added by those spatters.

and now off to work! i am hoping to get up the nerve to tackle those bunnies tonight- they have me scared! i haven't painted an image in so long, and never with acrylic. i did buy keep it wet longer stuff, so that should help.

happy tuesday!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I ♥LOVE♥ all the texture on this! Will definitely have to try some of the Ready Patch. My gosh---it has that feel of rough fresco!
You rock. :-)


Barb said...

I love seeing the different stages and I hope you decide this is finished because I love the texture/color/ image. It reminds me of steadfastness, a withstanding of hardship, bent but not broken...