Monday, April 11, 2011

laying the base

first the good news- the board decided not to impose rules on the size of artwork at the airport. realizing the implications to their own work in terms of being told what size art to make and looking back at the sales records from the past few months convinced them. i am going to take a walk through and see what ideas we can come up with for hanging things so that they look better.

i am feeling kind of puny still, but did get a little studio time in. i have 3 bases now- the 2 red ones are 11x14, the gold leaf is 12x16. i want to paint on at least 2 of them, but am not sure what. i think i'll hang them up and maybe play around in photoshop while i'm looking for ideas. i thought maybe a cat on the top one.

this may end up a collage- the circle reminding me of a full moon and maybe looking for some branches & birds, but you never know.

as for the gold leaf, i am thinking i may want to use oils to paint on this, but i need to decide what.

i still need 32 inches for the downtown gallery before the may hanging in 3 weeks, so let's hope inspiration strikes soon!

winding down to we art women, which is thursday night. taking thursday off to set up. it's always a fun event, but i am really glad this is the last year- lots of work, it's for a good cause, but there are lots more good causes out there & it's time to move on.

and now, off to bed with some nyquil & a book. hoping to kick this junk so i can get some stuff done!

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You have my sympathy on the *punies*. I am still dithering on taking more steroids which are driving me nuts (and not sleeping) or just hurting which is now looking GOOD! ;-)
Glad that things worked out with the board on the sizes of work (I knew anyone with sense would have to look at the money aspect...)
Here is an idea; can you make a grid of some sort that would allow small canvasses to be grouped and hung easily without someone screwing it up? Maybe for the normal # you hang together?
Or some other form of "Hanger Helper" for the less than talented?