Friday, April 22, 2011

a late night in the studio

the first art related activity yesterday was to head to the airport with julie, hanger extraordinaire, who volunteered to help figure out how to make the small pieces look better.

her advice:
  • hang by artist if at all possible
  • don't look at them as individual pieces, but rather grouped together to become one larger artwork
  • forget about hanging by color
  • provide separation between each artist's work to give the eye a place to rest
this is where the wall started, i wish i had taken a picture of the end result, it was so much more attractive. i am really appreciative of the time put in by the 2 women who are in charge of the airport hangings and julie, who isn't even with the gallery any more, to help solve this ongoing issue.

we have today off, so i took advantage of being able to sleep in and stayed in the studio til late. here are a few (small!) pieces in progress- maybe done-

the bottom of this is a piece of lutradur that i hit with a heat gun, which created the holes and bunched up effect. glued over a canvas that wasn't working for me and odds & ends of watered down paint dropped on. i had painted the canvas blue and when i turned it this direction it reminded me of the foothills in the spring. all i need to do is figure out the sky and how to keep the lutradur more solidly on the canvas.

i think this is done- i put crackle paste & light modeling paste on another canvas that wasn't working. when i turned it it looked like a wave to me, so here you have it-

this one's 4x6 and has been the bystander recipient of all of that spattering. it seems to want something more, but i am not sure what. we'll see where it goes.

lastly, i really hated the plastic look that the tree had after the second transfer. so i washed it off and coated the whole thing with matte gel hoping to get to something i can stand. i also coated another canvas with the ready patch so i can try something else to keep the quality of the base more intact.

and now- off to walk dogs & run a few errands- then studio time!


Barb said...

OMG, OMG, OMG - the tree! What have you done? I am struck silent.

marianne said...

it didn't make me very happy either, trust me :(