Thursday, April 7, 2011

John Mellencamp Live

We saw Mellencamp last night- and what a show it was! the man has been making music for nearly 40 years and continues to experiment, evolve and grow. He is passionate about his music and the causes he supports and seems to be pretty much who he is.

Mellencamp is also a painter. I haven't had much luck finding images, but here is an article about why John started painting and his approach.

The concert got me thinking about intregrity in art, the value of being uncompromising in your vision and following your muse. The muse can sometimes lead us to strange & not quite successful places, but out of those experiments often comes something new and better.

Also, as always, about the relationship between artist and audience. I am always curious about the immediacy of a live show vs. how people relate to visual art.  Clearly, musical artists have built a relationship of sorts prior to a concert, but that relationship is transformed through the live experience. Visual art, on the other hand, is less fleeting. One can own a piece of art, look at it daily and discover something new, or smile again and deepen the relationship that way.

I n a sense, people who buy my art have invited me into their homes- part of me- a thought or visual sensibility. It's nice to think of touching people that way.


Diane said...

I have always loved John. What a rocker! Sounds like a great show. By the got me hooked on Grace Potter! I didn't know who she was before your post & now I have her CD. Thanks, Marianne!
I was shocked to see Cat Stevens was singing "first cut" did not even sound like him. HUGE Cat Stevens fan...Tea for the Tillerman! Have a great day!

marianne said...

glad to share gracie with you- she is really good! likewise on the cat stevens- old, but still good!