Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i'm scared!

they look fairly benign, but i haven't actually painted anything that is supposed to LOOK like anything in many years. and i don't draw. and i have NEVER tried to actually paint with acrylics.

i'm scared. which is a good thing. it's good to stretch and try new stuff, i just need to jump in. friday will be a good time to do that- i have the day off. i was hoping to drink wine with someone in the studio tonight and just do it- not think about it- but no one could join me. so i'll have to be brave. and i can always use alkyds if i have to- fat over lean & all.

what i did do tonight is destroy the one i finished last night- thought a wash of micaceous iron would be nice, but i put too much on and when i wiped it off i took up the transfer. not all of it of course, so i had to do some scrubbing- now there's another layer & more texture-i put another transfer on top. i'll scan it tomorrow & see if we can tell much difference.

now- to sleep, perchance to dream- b/c i may try it without NyQuil for the first time in over a week. oh, and the new foo fighters rocks :)


becky said...

You scared?! Nah, I don't believe it! But I do know what you mean. Every time I try a larger project I get this nervous feeling like "how's this gonna go- I have no idea what i'm doing." I did that yesterday & my larger wolf more resembled a roast turkey, so after 5 hours, I had to call it quits! Ha ha, but I'll be ready to tackle it again tomorrow. Your rabbits looking good so far, Marianne!
I LOVE the tree transfers in the next post- AWESOME! AND I just love that pic below of your studio- way cute!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I think it's that time of year when we are all pushing to produce something but the muse is being cranky.
If this makes you feel any better: the only thing I accomplished yesterday was gessoing a canvas, then messing with it WAY TOO SOON. I had to sand the gesso off twice and redo it. Not I have texture I did not intend, but it is okay--I think it will actually add to the piece in the long run.
The VERY long run....ack.
Hey, your bunnies still look like bunnies to me! :-)


Judy Wood said...

Maybe you're channeling your subconscious fears of the killer bunny in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Summon up your inner King Arthur and go forth to do battle. I'm sure you will prevail!!

Barb said...

I brought Lucinda to look, and she is giving you the 2 paws up! She says if you fly her out there, she'd be glad to keep you company.

Pam McKnight said...

I have missed our studio nights too but you will be happy to hear I have been working on my entries for the Art Source juried show and am submitting it all tomorrow.

Marilyn said...

Bravo! They are great. I love the tree too - both the first image and the repaired image. Lovely.