Sunday, April 10, 2011

home again

back to reality! spent the afternoon trying to sleep away a cold, the evening in the studio. tomorrow is probably not going to be much fun. after taking wed- fri off the last 2 weeks & with we art women, the fundraiser for the local women's & children's shelter of which i am (supposed to be) co-chair on thursday it may be hectic. i haven't been much good for the event due to work spikes & vacation timing. i feel bad, but trust my friends to let me make it up somewhere else.

these are some books i bought at the denver art museum & the tattered cover to help me with ideas. i am not a big fan of using images that i didn't create in my work, but i think that for ornamental elements & backgrounds i should get over that. and as i type this i realize that i do use stencils and stamps, so this isn't much of a leap.

more gallery trauma over small pieces. got an email that we will only be allowed 6 pieces of art under 12x16 at the airport, b/c there are "too many small pieces" and it "looks tacky". well, that's because of how it's hung. i have heard enough snarky remarks to feel like there isn't a lot of interest in trying to make small pieces look good.

of the works in process below, the black and red are both 12x16. everything else is smaller. if i can only hang 6 6x6's i then need 10 12x16s- or something much larger. it ain't happening. and though we do sell big pieces out of the airport, we sell more smaller ones.

it will be interesting to see how this plays out. how can a coop tell its members what size of art they have to produce? if we need cash (and we do) how much sense does it make to put restrictions in place that will hurt sales?

anyway- i started a collage background with the thought of painting something on top (this is 12x16)

this is a 6x6 that i needed to put up here to figure out what to do next. hmmmm. maybe i'll hang it in the office tomorrow & it will speak to me.

back to reality- wah!!!!! happy monday all-

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