Thursday, April 28, 2011

building bunnymoon

in march i made several backgrounds when i was feeling uninspired. for some reason this one wanted rabbits.

so i googled bunny images (b/c out of the millions of photos i have bunnies are not among them). and then i hoped i would remember how to paint. i traced the outlines ( loser, i know) then blocked in the light & dark.

bunny on the right looks sort of fierce & grumpy. not quite what i was going for.

i wish i had thought about the moon FIRST, but that's the way i work- no planning things out for me! ditto for the foreground. wanted a thru the rabbit hole thing, but it didn't work out so well.

hansa yellow glaze on the moon- better-

brushed a glaze of carbon black, azo green & gold over the bottom, better again, the a glaze of quince nickel azo over all of the background to tie it together, better again

lastly, husband helped me figure out why the right hand rabbit looked grumpy and i fixed it and voila!

and it's funny- b/c i have no idea where the rabbits came from (tho it IS the year of the rabbit), but i am really happy with this. looking forward to more playing in the same vein.

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becky said...

Hi Marianne,
well, I haven't been away long, but it seems like I have missed alot! I like the way your bunnies turned out. You gave the "grumpy one" just a tiny hint of a smile... very cute! I know people who plan & plan when they are creating, but I prefer to work loosely, which means the results are often unpredictable, but I find it so much fun! I love how you don't start w/ a plan, but always manage to pull it all together! You've still got a lot of snow in your mountains. We may get a bit on Sunday.
Happy creating!