Saturday, April 9, 2011

art district on santa fe

my mom and i had a lovely wander through the art district on santa fe today. this is an area of denver with over 50 galleries, shops & restaurants out of the downtown core, but in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, which is predominately latino.

the area contains several galleries with working studio space attached, so that one can have an open studio experience if you happen to be there when the artist is. the district does first friday art walks with all of the usual attendent goodies, and third fridays which offer an opportunity to meet the artists without the crowds.

here are a few photos from our walk:

i found some very cool art that got the creative juices flowing- chris schranck, whose huge textural pieces are just wonderful. all i could find out is that he uses wood- often old doors- as a base. the gallery owners didn't have any other info about his processes. i have some ideas of things to try, though. the work looks like pottery, but i don't know how that can be if it's on a wood base, so i'm wondering about plaster or some sort of medium.

claudia roulier is a mixed media artist. the work of hers i saw that i really like were paintings over a mixed media background of letters or pages or tissue. i had been thinking about trying something like this anyway after i saw the art on book pages in jackson last week. claudia's art was really engaging and got me even more excited about trying that out.

yay! can't wait to get back into the studio & play. i am going to have to make myself draw, though. a challenge is always good!

it's been a good visit with the folks, now back to reality. wah!


Jul said...

Sounds wonderful! I love communities like this, and I think it would be so fun to have my studio attached to a gallery in the middle of a vibrant art district. I hope I get to stroll around this area of Santa Fe one day.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love photos of doors....I especially love that first!
Sounds like you had a good time and a recharge on the creative battery! YAY!


Barb said...

Love your pics from Santa Fe Blvd, Marianne. I said to Bob, "Marianne's in the galleries on Santa Fe," and he wondered how you got there so quickly from Denver... Safe trip back home. (It's really snowing in the mts!)

marianne said...

@ Jul- this is actually in Denver, on Sante Fe Blvd (see Barb's note :))
@ Anne- i am loving graffiti & picked up a juxtapoz magazine & some other inspirational items- we'll see what happens!
@ Barb- if you haven't checked it out, it's worth a visit-