Thursday, April 21, 2011

another from start to finish, sort of

i need to get better at photographing every step, but this will give you an idea. about a month ago when i was uninspired i decided to just start a bunch of bases. this was the session that the very scary bunnies came from too.

the board in the lower right hand corner is the subject of today's blog. as an aside, i am loving using these panels from blick- they are nice & sturdy and handle layers really well.

here's how it looked at the end of the first night. i had leftover red paint from something else, parts of an old recipe, sheet music, a pattern. i am pretty sure that the circle is the seal from inside of a jar of gel medium. threw stencils in the corners for interest. then looked at it for a few weeks.

i decided that the circle was either the sun or the moon, and had some variegated leaf with this pattern in the middle, so i added that to make it sun like. in going this direction, the letters in the upper right hand corner became less appealing, so i added a glaze of titan white which in turn was too boring, so on my evening of spattering everything in sight i added dark turquoise and bronze spatters, then mixed some liquid red with water, loaded up an eye dropped & added the big red spots.

time for the transfer- one you may recognize if you read this blog much- and i think we're done. not quite sure about the empty lower left corner, but for now i'll call it good.

here's what happened to the one i ruined the other night-

first image

repaired image-

this is ok, but i like the first better for several reasons:
  • i like the color better. the second layer of caulk really washed it out- or maybe that was the wash of mica that got me in trouble in the first place
  • the distressed transfer is more interesting to me
  • the texture of the surface shows through much better
i will add a glaze or two of color (AFTER using spray varnish to fix the image) and see if i can warm it back up a bit, then add a matte varnish to back off the gloss.

 otherwise, i am going to put more ready patch on another canvas & try using lazartran to add the image, to preserve the feel of the surface. can't wait!

i have tomorrow off, so i hope to get some good studio time in- maybe even with those scary bunnies! happy thursday all-

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the step outs on the first piece--could you flip the transfer and just use a piece of it in the left corner? Just to continue to tree top line?
It is really surprising how the second transfer and caulk changed the color on the second---I think your solution sounds good; should bring it right back up.
HAve fun on your day off!