Tuesday, March 29, 2011


feeling kind of bad that i have been doing lots more talking than making art or showing process. but that's how it feels lots of stuff in progress, nothing done.

and when they do get done i am rushing off to the next thing and not posting a beginning to end, even tho i usually have photos all the way through. i'll work on that. in mid april, after we art women.

i did manage to get enough new art done to fill my swap out inches at the gallery and to send new pieces to the airport to replace those that sold, and for the we art women show. i am now focused on having enough new for may, and to replace all of the art that i am sure to sell in april. it being birthday month and all :)

oh, and a few vacations coming up- to jackson to ski, then to denver to see john mellencamp & visit with the folks.

both of which are sure to light the creative fire due to being places i love to be and having a camera along. plus time to breathe and let things percolate. down time seems essential to keeping things moving.

i should have been packing tonight, but nancy came over & we made art & i got stuff started. slapped a fat layer of matte gel over all of it to marinate until i can get back out to play.

sorry for the disjointed post- guess that's sort of how things feel- i know it's just temporary.

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Join the disjointed club! (I swear, it is something going around at the moment!)
I find I go through spells of wanting to get everything on blog and then other times I just don't even want to photograph what I'm doing....just do it and focus.
My focus has been, well, scattered everywhere of late.....
I am hoping it will decide to return to semi-normal soon!