Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tuesday night

it was very nice to have studio night- work has been really crazy and there hasn't been much art getting made. pam & nancy couldn't make it, but lynn came over and it was nice to visit with her & get to know her better.

i worked a bit on this & that- here are what's hanging around- some finished, some not sure.

sorry barb, i did paint the sides black & i also did a wash of liquid titan white around the outside to knock the map back more. i like it & am done. really.

i found these 2 8x10xs that i did in 2007 when i was just starting to play with mixed media. they both needed some help. the top one was originally horizontal with a photo in the red area. only it hadn't adhered to the canvas & was buckled. so i cut & ripped it out, painted the spot red & added the transfer you see here. much better!

this one had no focal point. i added the raven transfer & used alcohol to rub back some of the paint that was over the aerial photo at top. also much more satisfied with this one, but it may need something more.

this one didn't seem quite finished. i like the linear elements, they'll need to be buried under a layer of something, but it's headed the right direction.

this is the small canvas with the wall compound on it that had alkyd as an ingredient. i quite like the texture and feel of the product as a base. i doesn't seem to crack as much as the joint compound or plaster of paris. i like the way it takes paint- it looks like an old wall. i even sort of like the distressed look of the transfer on this one, but am not quite sure- what do you think?

and that's it. nothing tomorrow, as we're headed to see the heartless bastards and then i'm off to phoenix. be back saturday, probably, have a great rest of the week!


dewatobay said...

titan white on map knocked it back just right! all these are good. The last one's texture is right on!
Thanks for posting.

Barb said...

Oh - you changed the map one...again. My head is spinning. I do like the wall compound Buddha - an antiquity feel. I haven't been on-line this week. You just went ahead without me, I see... Art producing!