Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i have long loved tuesday night painting, but it is really fun having my very own studio space with room for friends. the creative energy is great, it's nice to have all of my stuff close at hand (we know i never travel light!) and i really like having the feedback and getting ideas from other artists. plus the studio is just a light, happy place. a refuge.

always lotsa wip (works in progress)- some done. i think.

this is the wallboard paste on canvas one. i need to get a better photo. there is lots of nice texture not visible here. all of the color except the yellow dots is from layers beneath. i think it's done & i like it.

this is the one i did a few years ago that suddenly wanted...... more. and i like it a lot better now. the only problem with this process is that the old name (which is written on the stretcher bars in sharpie) doesn't always match the new work. this was called love is a rose- that's a rose hip in the upper right hand corner. maybe now i add -loves me, loves me not. regardless, it's better art & naming is not my strong suit anyway, so i'll give myself a break.

lastly this- which i was really not liking much.

felt like i had ruined it by getting too busy. things not layered enough. just kinda icky. i was ready to paint over all of it. until pam said not too busy, it just needs a focal point. pam and i have very different ideas of what too busy is in art. and we both sell our work and are in galleries and even like a lot of the same things. we just have different approaches & esthetics. but i realized that it was, indeed, the lack of a focal point that prompted me to get so damn busy. so i bit the bullet and added more.

first a turquoise glaze to knock things back. then i wiped with alcohol to pull that back a bit. then i added the yellow circle and the numbers. and i like it so much better now.

so here's to listening and learning. and having a place to make art and friends to make it with.


dewatobay said...

what a difference the 'knock back' effect and yellow circles made - good difference of course.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the texture of the new wall paste on the substrate~~you can tell some just from the shadows in the paint!
I remember the rose piece--it is quite interesting and will watch to see what the title becomes. (I hate titles...people should have to make up their own. we make the ART after all! LOL!)
The blue on the bottom piece really made the additional color pop.


Barb said...

I keep turning my head to the right when looking at the rosehip/daisy one - have you thought of hanging it with the hip in the upper left?

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks for opening your studio to us, it is helpful to get the feedback and it is FUN!

becky said...

I love that you love your studio so much! Mine may be years down the road, so until then I must live vicariously.... sigh...
so fun to see your "wips" and watch your creative process!