Sunday, March 27, 2011


haven't done much with the big camera lately, even though i bought a new lens in february. i am going to love it- it's a 18-200 so i don't have to switch lenses if i want to zoom.

this photo was taken at 18mm

and this from the same position at 200. i like the flexibility this brings abd bet i try a wider range of shots. i still have the zoom that goes to 300 plus the extender for farther shots.

the lens also has vibration reduction, providing nice sharp shots as you see below. looking forward to getting out & using the camera as the weather gets nicer.

here's a shot i took today walking around the neighborhood in fairfield. i love this old boat sitting out landlocked and shoot it often.

got home & started getting things ready for the art swap out at the gallery this weekend. we're headed out, so i need to have stuff ready early. this part involved tools :)

these wood panels from blick are great for mixed media. 

the bars on the back are a surprisingly hard wood, forcing me to use the big guns- the little tool from harbor freight just wasn't up to the task.

my husband got a bunch of kitchen stuff from his grandmother's house. including an electric skillet. which coincides nicely with me using the camera again, b/c i have been thinking about dabbling in encaustic. judy sent me a recipe for making my own wax, and as the weather warms & i can open studio windows for ventilation i plan to start playing.

that's it- looking at a busy monday & tuesday, then off the rest of the week- yay! and i do plan on studio time tuesday, so there will be more to report-


Barb said...

Marianne, I love the idea of you using Grandma's skillet for art! What a way to keep memories alive. Thumbs up on the new lens! (I like the boat.)

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I have a blogfriend who does beautiful encaustics stuff and is a fab photographer. I tried to find some photos for you but could only find three on her Facebook page so I'll send you a link by email. Like Barb, I love the skillet connection.
Enjoy your vacation!