Wednesday, March 23, 2011

performance anxiety

i have sold more individual pieces of art this month than ever- i think i'm up to 9. in addition, i have been traveling, am going on vacation, pitching in at work to cover a vacancy on our team and trying to help plan we art women, which is coming up rather soon (april 14). then there are dogs (whose walks have been too short, partly due to wet trails), husband (who is being a very good sport and will likely have plenty of togetherness the next 2 weeks when we vacation) and friends (texting and email do help).

i really don't feel too stressed- things seem to be working out and i'm quite excited that so many people want to live with my art. i did have a good head of steam on making art when this all hit, which helps. tonight, tho, i walked in the studio and couldn't think of anything to do. zero inspiration. could it be b/c i was doing really left brain work today? looking up spends, back up & figuring out what account to apply them to?

one great thing about mixed media- i can grab medium & tissue paper or gesso or paint & a blank canvas and start doing anything, which usually helps the flow start. so although these are not lovely, they are STARTED, which some days is all you can ask.

i had to laugh when i looked at things drying & propped on the window seat- the aries is working in lots of red as her birthday approaches! the color of action & the creative fire seems appropriate.

i put some soft gel mixed with water on this to make it less flaky. as i was putting the wash on it picked up some of the paint, revealing more of the colors underneath. sorry for the bad photo- still wet & shiny. it think i like it, tho i was into all of the red. well, i can always paint over it!

bedtime. wish me luck. here's hoping that the energy, inspiration & good juju keep flowing!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Seems like most of the people I know (including myself) have shifted quite quickly from Plenty of inspiration/ideas to a mental stall mode.
I think it is the time of year and all that comes with getting ready for Spring.
And yes, sometimes there is something very soothing about just doing prep work on canvas. It sort of opens a channel back to the blocked creativity.....if I do anything today, that will be it!

Anne---loving the reds!

Barb said...

Red - my favorite color! You are on a roll.

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

These are fantastic!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I have to say I often wonder how you keep it all going, and produce so much art. Such an inspiration! Like everyone else here, I'm loving the reds too!