Sunday, March 6, 2011

feeling better & studio time

we were headed to fairfield yesterday, but after my busy week my body just wanted to collapse. woke up with runny eyes, runny nose & no energy & stayed horizontal all day.

better today, tho still not full of energy. good enough to finish my prints for the exchange, tho. thank goddess! of course, the wonderful results with the purell transfers from last week didn't materialize again. must be the difference in paper. i ruined all of the leftover printmaking paper & moved to leftover watercolor paper (the theme of the exchange is leftovers).

you can see here that the purell actually pulled up the ink & didn't transfer completely.

i decided to accept that with transfers some imperfections are part of the charm. this seemed preferable to starting all over again & trying for decent finished product by the 15th, since i'm traveling this week & likely gone next weekend.

and i actually did find that to be true for the prints below- i do think that they're more interesting than if i had gotten perfect transfers.

the other thing i did today was play with hardware store goodies. i have been playing with plaster & liking the results. wondering about other hardware store supplies & how they might work. the texture & absorbency of the plaster is great, but it takes lots of layers of gel to keep it from flaking.

trip to home depot this am and came home with these likely suspects. at $5-$6 ea, if either worked remotely like some of the modeling/molding pastes it would be a score. if they act like plaster but are less flaky (haha), that's good too.

applied both to canvas. this is the joint compound. it takes and holds texture nicely.

not terribly absorbent, which may not be an issue depending on the desired result.

next, the ready patch. this smells like oil paint, noticed that it has alkyd as an ingredient.

 this is a little more absorbent than the joint compound, but not much. be curious to see how hard it is when completely dry.  

also finally got out the caulk that's no good for transfers to use as texture.

it was great to have a studio day & time to play. glad to have the prints ready to go, and looking forward to seeing how the experiments progress. stay tuned!


Barb said...

Whoa - I think the transfers are so interesting. Wish I could see them closer. The people at the hardware store probably think you're refinishing your walls... It's snowing here - what about there? Hope you're all better.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

As frustrating as it is for a transfer *not* to be perfect, I love the way they turned out! It added a feel of mystery and age to the pieces.
I know that I know SOMEONE who uses the joint compound as a base---I am not having a Monday morning hallucination!!! Sounds like it would be good for some of deMengs washes or to hit with a heat gun for extra texture.
I wonder if the hardware products will stay white long term?
Have a good one!


Leah said...

the transfers look great!

becky said...

I am LOVING the transfers! I definitely think the "imperfection" works! Also love the way your mind works... hmmm... I think I'll try some wallboard joint compound... that's awesome. It's always so fun to check in & see what your up to... & it's always a lot!

dewatobay said...

Transfer are super! Hardware store art is wonderful!