Sunday, March 20, 2011

art day

i haven't been happy with this one for a while..... i kept looking at it & waiting for inspiration....

i decided i didn't like the separation between the background & the image, so i painted over the background with a combination of titan white & zinc white fluid acrylics. thought it looked more like bark.

i added the same image as a transfer. i like this much better. added a layer of gloss gel medium to tie the transfer into the background, we'll see how it looks tomorrow.

i did this a few years ago, decided it needed more work and added the collage in the upper left and a wash or two.

i wanted to tie it together more and added stencils- the ones on the left are modeling paste with a quinceadrone nickel azo wash, the red ones are paint. the white are heavy gel and will dry clear. we'll see how that looks later- may need another wash to tie it together

next, the wallboard paste piece. i've been struggling with this too. i shouldn't have done the experiment on such a large piece of canvas, but it is kind of interesting to see where i can go with just texture.

painted over with more red. seem to be in a red mood. must be an aries birthday coming up thing....... this is looking more promising. i added a layer of gloss gel over the paint, will figure out something else next.

here's where this one was. kinda boring.

and now it's too busy. i'll find the happy medium.

good thing i have those fatigue mats, b/c echo is clearly fatigued after all of this work!

happy monday! gallery member meeting tomorrow night, but art night is back tuesday & there's no travel this week, so stay tuned!


Barb said...

How scary it is when you paint right over what's there! No wonder Echo is exhausted! So much change! I do think I like that white bark background though- makes the trees more starkly prominent.

dewatobay said...

the photo as transfer over the whited background is genuis.

did you ever checkout these guys?