Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


feeling kind of bad that i have been doing lots more talking than making art or showing process. but that's how it feels lots of stuff in progress, nothing done.

and when they do get done i am rushing off to the next thing and not posting a beginning to end, even tho i usually have photos all the way through. i'll work on that. in mid april, after we art women.

i did manage to get enough new art done to fill my swap out inches at the gallery and to send new pieces to the airport to replace those that sold, and for the we art women show. i am now focused on having enough new for may, and to replace all of the art that i am sure to sell in april. it being birthday month and all :)

oh, and a few vacations coming up- to jackson to ski, then to denver to see john mellencamp & visit with the folks.

both of which are sure to light the creative fire due to being places i love to be and having a camera along. plus time to breathe and let things percolate. down time seems essential to keeping things moving.

i should have been packing tonight, but nancy came over & we made art & i got stuff started. slapped a fat layer of matte gel over all of it to marinate until i can get back out to play.

sorry for the disjointed post- guess that's sort of how things feel- i know it's just temporary.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


haven't done much with the big camera lately, even though i bought a new lens in february. i am going to love it- it's a 18-200 so i don't have to switch lenses if i want to zoom.

this photo was taken at 18mm

and this from the same position at 200. i like the flexibility this brings abd bet i try a wider range of shots. i still have the zoom that goes to 300 plus the extender for farther shots.

the lens also has vibration reduction, providing nice sharp shots as you see below. looking forward to getting out & using the camera as the weather gets nicer.

here's a shot i took today walking around the neighborhood in fairfield. i love this old boat sitting out landlocked and shoot it often.

got home & started getting things ready for the art swap out at the gallery this weekend. we're headed out, so i need to have stuff ready early. this part involved tools :)

these wood panels from blick are great for mixed media. 

the bars on the back are a surprisingly hard wood, forcing me to use the big guns- the little tool from harbor freight just wasn't up to the task.

my husband got a bunch of kitchen stuff from his grandmother's house. including an electric skillet. which coincides nicely with me using the camera again, b/c i have been thinking about dabbling in encaustic. judy sent me a recipe for making my own wax, and as the weather warms & i can open studio windows for ventilation i plan to start playing.

that's it- looking at a busy monday & tuesday, then off the rest of the week- yay! and i do plan on studio time tuesday, so there will be more to report-

Friday, March 25, 2011


the week has proceeded pretty much as expected- busy, busy, time made to have diiner with a friend last night, and more busy. studio planned tonight. late email out to a few friends. fun to have company, ok not to.

feeling sort of scattered, working on lots of small things.

carolyn came over to visit & crochet a baby blanket for our neighbor.

echo hung out with us , we listened to music, drank wine, enjoyed happy studio/girl cave ambiance.

have i mentioned how much i love my studio? i do. it's a happy place and i love to share that with my friends.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

performance anxiety

i have sold more individual pieces of art this month than ever- i think i'm up to 9. in addition, i have been traveling, am going on vacation, pitching in at work to cover a vacancy on our team and trying to help plan we art women, which is coming up rather soon (april 14). then there are dogs (whose walks have been too short, partly due to wet trails), husband (who is being a very good sport and will likely have plenty of togetherness the next 2 weeks when we vacation) and friends (texting and email do help).

i really don't feel too stressed- things seem to be working out and i'm quite excited that so many people want to live with my art. i did have a good head of steam on making art when this all hit, which helps. tonight, tho, i walked in the studio and couldn't think of anything to do. zero inspiration. could it be b/c i was doing really left brain work today? looking up spends, back up & figuring out what account to apply them to?

one great thing about mixed media- i can grab medium & tissue paper or gesso or paint & a blank canvas and start doing anything, which usually helps the flow start. so although these are not lovely, they are STARTED, which some days is all you can ask.

i had to laugh when i looked at things drying & propped on the window seat- the aries is working in lots of red as her birthday approaches! the color of action & the creative fire seems appropriate.

i put some soft gel mixed with water on this to make it less flaky. as i was putting the wash on it picked up some of the paint, revealing more of the colors underneath. sorry for the bad photo- still wet & shiny. it think i like it, tho i was into all of the red. well, i can always paint over it!

bedtime. wish me luck. here's hoping that the energy, inspiration & good juju keep flowing!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i have long loved tuesday night painting, but it is really fun having my very own studio space with room for friends. the creative energy is great, it's nice to have all of my stuff close at hand (we know i never travel light!) and i really like having the feedback and getting ideas from other artists. plus the studio is just a light, happy place. a refuge.

always lotsa wip (works in progress)- some done. i think.

this is the wallboard paste on canvas one. i need to get a better photo. there is lots of nice texture not visible here. all of the color except the yellow dots is from layers beneath. i think it's done & i like it.

this is the one i did a few years ago that suddenly wanted...... more. and i like it a lot better now. the only problem with this process is that the old name (which is written on the stretcher bars in sharpie) doesn't always match the new work. this was called love is a rose- that's a rose hip in the upper right hand corner. maybe now i add -loves me, loves me not. regardless, it's better art & naming is not my strong suit anyway, so i'll give myself a break.

lastly this- which i was really not liking much.

felt like i had ruined it by getting too busy. things not layered enough. just kinda icky. i was ready to paint over all of it. until pam said not too busy, it just needs a focal point. pam and i have very different ideas of what too busy is in art. and we both sell our work and are in galleries and even like a lot of the same things. we just have different approaches & esthetics. but i realized that it was, indeed, the lack of a focal point that prompted me to get so damn busy. so i bit the bullet and added more.

first a turquoise glaze to knock things back. then i wiped with alcohol to pull that back a bit. then i added the yellow circle and the numbers. and i like it so much better now.

so here's to listening and learning. and having a place to make art and friends to make it with.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

art day

i haven't been happy with this one for a while..... i kept looking at it & waiting for inspiration....

i decided i didn't like the separation between the background & the image, so i painted over the background with a combination of titan white & zinc white fluid acrylics. thought it looked more like bark.

i added the same image as a transfer. i like this much better. added a layer of gloss gel medium to tie the transfer into the background, we'll see how it looks tomorrow.

i did this a few years ago, decided it needed more work and added the collage in the upper left and a wash or two.

i wanted to tie it together more and added stencils- the ones on the left are modeling paste with a quinceadrone nickel azo wash, the red ones are paint. the white are heavy gel and will dry clear. we'll see how that looks later- may need another wash to tie it together

next, the wallboard paste piece. i've been struggling with this too. i shouldn't have done the experiment on such a large piece of canvas, but it is kind of interesting to see where i can go with just texture.

painted over with more red. seem to be in a red mood. must be an aries birthday coming up thing....... this is looking more promising. i added a layer of gloss gel over the paint, will figure out something else next.

here's where this one was. kinda boring.

and now it's too busy. i'll find the happy medium.

good thing i have those fatigue mats, b/c echo is clearly fatigued after all of this work!

happy monday! gallery member meeting tomorrow night, but art night is back tuesday & there's no travel this week, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tuesday night

it was very nice to have studio night- work has been really crazy and there hasn't been much art getting made. pam & nancy couldn't make it, but lynn came over and it was nice to visit with her & get to know her better.

i worked a bit on this & that- here are what's hanging around- some finished, some not sure.

sorry barb, i did paint the sides black & i also did a wash of liquid titan white around the outside to knock the map back more. i like it & am done. really.

i found these 2 8x10xs that i did in 2007 when i was just starting to play with mixed media. they both needed some help. the top one was originally horizontal with a photo in the red area. only it hadn't adhered to the canvas & was buckled. so i cut & ripped it out, painted the spot red & added the transfer you see here. much better!

this one had no focal point. i added the raven transfer & used alcohol to rub back some of the paint that was over the aerial photo at top. also much more satisfied with this one, but it may need something more.

this one didn't seem quite finished. i like the linear elements, they'll need to be buried under a layer of something, but it's headed the right direction.

this is the small canvas with the wall compound on it that had alkyd as an ingredient. i quite like the texture and feel of the product as a base. i doesn't seem to crack as much as the joint compound or plaster of paris. i like the way it takes paint- it looks like an old wall. i even sort of like the distressed look of the transfer on this one, but am not quite sure- what do you think?

and that's it. nothing tomorrow, as we're headed to see the heartless bastards and then i'm off to phoenix. be back saturday, probably, have a great rest of the week!

Monday, March 14, 2011

the latest

ended up driking wine & laughing last night & didn't get to the computer to post. i thought i'd put these up anyway- both on 8x10 cradleboard- to get a look at the & see what you think.

more on the process & other works in progress later-

have a great monday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

home sweet home

i have a moleskine journal and markers that i haul with me when i travel but seldom use. mainly b/c drawing is something i haven't ever taken the time to learn how to do, and it holds little appeal for me. i sometimes say i wish i could draw, but if that were true i would work at it, and i just don't.

i do like to doodle, tho. when i got back to the hotel after dinner last night after 2 nights of working til 8 or later & getting up at 4 am to travel i just couldn't work so i got out the markers, turned on the tv (a very rare happening), opened the sketchbook and found a doodle that became this.

it was the head, wings and the greenish stripe area. looked like a woman swimming- or, in this orientation, rising. i had fun coloring :)

may be around this weekend, may work in some studio time. fingers crossed.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

and she's off!

here's where this one sits. i think that maybe i will paint the sides black and call it a day. like the way the map shows but is in the background and the red wash ties things together. it really does help to see these things on the blog. thanks judy for the red idea- even if this isn't quite the way you saw it!

i am trying to know when to stop, and to appreciate a more minimalist approach. i am also fascinated with layers of glazes. i know that this isn't done, but also that i don't want to over do it. so far- layer of quince nickel azo, some interference green glaze, clear tar gel doodles, black gesso stamps, layer of self leveling gel. maybe some red? just a little?

off to ft worth tomorrow bright & early- maybe i can sneak some studio time in this weekend......

Sunday, March 6, 2011

feeling better & studio time

we were headed to fairfield yesterday, but after my busy week my body just wanted to collapse. woke up with runny eyes, runny nose & no energy & stayed horizontal all day.

better today, tho still not full of energy. good enough to finish my prints for the exchange, tho. thank goddess! of course, the wonderful results with the purell transfers from last week didn't materialize again. must be the difference in paper. i ruined all of the leftover printmaking paper & moved to leftover watercolor paper (the theme of the exchange is leftovers).

you can see here that the purell actually pulled up the ink & didn't transfer completely.

i decided to accept that with transfers some imperfections are part of the charm. this seemed preferable to starting all over again & trying for decent finished product by the 15th, since i'm traveling this week & likely gone next weekend.

and i actually did find that to be true for the prints below- i do think that they're more interesting than if i had gotten perfect transfers.

the other thing i did today was play with hardware store goodies. i have been playing with plaster & liking the results. wondering about other hardware store supplies & how they might work. the texture & absorbency of the plaster is great, but it takes lots of layers of gel to keep it from flaking.

trip to home depot this am and came home with these likely suspects. at $5-$6 ea, if either worked remotely like some of the modeling/molding pastes it would be a score. if they act like plaster but are less flaky (haha), that's good too.

applied both to canvas. this is the joint compound. it takes and holds texture nicely.

not terribly absorbent, which may not be an issue depending on the desired result.

next, the ready patch. this smells like oil paint, noticed that it has alkyd as an ingredient.

 this is a little more absorbent than the joint compound, but not much. be curious to see how hard it is when completely dry.  

also finally got out the caulk that's no good for transfers to use as texture.

it was great to have a studio day & time to play. glad to have the prints ready to go, and looking forward to seeing how the experiments progress. stay tuned!