Monday, February 21, 2011

this n that

art geek girl was so excited to find the jumbo 32 packet size of gelatine that she could hardly contain herself! if i double the failed experiment to 8 packs this give me 4 trays- woo hoo! i should be able to get at least one of those right..... plan to mix some up tomorrow for wednesday evening's art fun.

picked up a few more colors of ink, too.....

here's where the plaster pieces are now- top one finished,

still struggling with this one.... tho i do like it better looking at it from here. it still needs some variation or contrast or something, tho.

i like these, but i would like to keep more of the character of the plaster in future trials- these have so much paint & medium on them to keep them from crumbling that it's hard to tell they started as plaster. will keep trying.

lastly- killing my fingers rubbing the paper off the back of the laser print. like the look of the transfers on glass bead gel, not so crazy about getting them cleaned up. must look for magic eraser sponge next trip to the grocery store. who knew the grocery could be almost as much fun as the hardware store?

anyway- i need to decide if i want to glaze over the map or leave it as is. leaning toward glazing. maybe some micaceous iron & alizaron blended together? hmmmm. maybe i can extend the photo with glazes.

plenty to keep me busy wednesday, anyhow. and time in between to think about it- no time for art tomorrow.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Go to Dollar General---they have a generic version as good as the Mr. Clean ones--half the price. I think for what you're doing they would work fine.
Gelatin prints???
Heck, I didn't even KNOW that gelatin came in a 32 pack size box! I'm impressed too! :-D


Barb said...

That top plaster one reminds me of blossoms and leaves and butterflies under falling water. I like the map, but I know next time I see it, it will be different (and maybe even better).

dewatobay said...

Map texture is fun - I can see your dilemma.