Tuesday, February 15, 2011

studio time!

just pam & me tonight as nancy is off gallivanting somewhere warm and sunny.

pam came in with a box of things that she had been given and was passing along. which included lots of cool paper- old letters, pieces from books, books & pamphlets & maps. quite exciting as the paper will all take paint differently & will be a great addition to mixed media pieces.

here's the first  piece to take the plunge- in the lower left corner of this background. fun stuff!

i played with the black mica gel that came in the mail yesterday- it's the fleur in the lower left corner. looks like modeling paste with micaceous iron oxide mixed in. we'll see if there's any benefit to having this rather than doing that. the raven didn't transfer cleanly- too much texture underneath- but i can work around that. we'll see where it goes.

i also added layers & washes of color to the plaster pieces. the good news is that the soft gel washes seem to have added pliability and the plaster isn't flaky. the bad news is that i am not enamored of the colors i have right now. spent lots of time wiping with alcohol then adding color back on. more on those later.

i also think the petroglyph may be done, but couldn't get a photo w/o glare, so that will be for later.

 gypsy gallery pot luck & meeting tomorrow night. will sneak in a few minutes with another glaze on the plaster and looking forward to more studio time this weekend.


Pam McKnight said...

glad you liked the papers! Thanks for the invite, and the wine!

Barb said...

Are you going to hang the Petroglyph one at the gallery? Gosh - I hope my old letters don't end up on someone's art! Or...maybe I hope that they do!

dewatobay said...

Did you push the mica gel through a stencil?

marianne said...

yes, the mica gel was pushed thru a stencil-