Wednesday, February 9, 2011

studio night! woo hoo!

oh yeah- time making art instead of talking about art related necessary business/promotion/marketing/group stuff!

and pam!
and nancy!

my art making buddies. have i mentioned that i love my studio and having a space where we can get together regularly to play? it is such a gift to have a dedicated space. i didn't know it would make such a difference, but it does.

i finished (probably :)) 2 pieces tonight- hmm what should i call this one?

and "birds sing"

i will be in the studio tomorrow night too, then a female weekend in fairfield- women & dogs (2 of those are male)- more dogs than women- snowshoeing, skiing, drinking, big lebowski, young frankenstein, blazing saddles watching fun few days.

big smile!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

No ideas what to call your first canvas but I love it! Sounds like the making of a good day off--good company, a voodoo shop, coffee, animals... ;-)
"Birds Sing" is delightful in it's simplicity!


Diane said...

These are fabulous, Marianne....both of them! I bellieve they might be favorites. I can't even decide which I like best. They are equally wonderful!
Hope your weekend trip is filled with fun!

becky said...

I still have studio envy! But one day... I will get there! How great to have a space of your own to create with your friends. Love your new pieces! Your upcoming weekend sounds awesome! have fun!

Barb said...

Oh - I like the women one - don't change it...PLEASE! I think Soul Sisters might be a good name.

marianne said...

i think i'll call it "smart women" (that comment was a little tongue in cheek) and don't worry barb- it's done!

Kathiesbirds said...

I like the collages, especially the one with the yellow-headed blackbird! Reminds me Joseph Cornell and his Cornell boxes!