Tuesday, February 1, 2011


this may be one of those weeks where the business of art gets more attention than the making of art. i did finish this piece- the left side is light modeling paste & i drew in the leaves with a skewer. i may put a wash over the palms to bring the color down some, but am overall happy with the effect. not the best piece of art, but a good learner.

sunday we hung the gallery. the gal who is featured this month used every inch of the area allowed and then some, which is sure to get some members all riled up. we were short on artists, so she was told she could have extra space, then we juried 4 new people in. rather than explain the situation (which anyone would have understood) the decision was made to jam everything in. the artists also weren't told that we're back to 144 horizontal inches from the temporary 156 we were given- even though i asked, was answered & suggested we notify the group at the beginning of last week. things are packed & don't look so good. i wish i had time to serve on the board, but i don't right now, so it is what it is.

yesterday i gathered pieces to swap out at gaia gallery. the woman who owns it is a friend and she has a beautiful space and works hard. i have sold one piece of art and a few cards in 7 or 8 months. i struggled pulling things together this time. i have work in 5 locations right now and didn't sell a thing in january. ugh. i say it's better than having it all piled up in a closet, but when i think about the time & enegry involved in just packing & moving art from place to place i wonder.

today is our first meeting for we art women, the benefit for the women's and children's alliance that i co-chair and tonight pam, nancy & i are painting; tomorrow night is the artist opening for valentines for aids, which hub & i are attending; thursday is first thursday and i am on the gallery serving crew (we get to watch the same people come in & chow free food & drink free beer & wine & buy nary a piece of art month after month. sometimes people DO buy on first thursday, but an awful lot of people don't); friday gno and hopefully studio (or photo op) time this weekend.

oh, and there's the day job..... i'm tired just reading this, but at least now i have my to do list for the week! hasta-

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