Thursday, February 17, 2011


i was supposed to attend a pot luck with the other gypsies last night, but as my work day seemed unending when i finally got out from behind the desk at 3 pm to walk the dogs i decided that i didn't need to stress myself or anyone else by trying to fit that in. felt better immediately upon making that decision, even though i had that "i am the gypsy queen, i should go" thing going through my head.

i ended up working until about 6:45. husband made a nice dinner, we had a glass of wine and then, since he was doing taxes, i snuck into the studio. bliss! just me, music and art projects. breathe!

the plaster pieces are moving along. i seem to have gotten the plaster to a nice plastic-y texture by adding watered down soft gel medium & letting it soak in. i hate the color of this one. it is too dark, and when i wipe off the dark using alcohol i get yellow, which i am not fond of. spent most of the evening adding color & wiping it back off. since these are all about color & texture i want to get to something i can stand!

this one i like better. started off thinking that the glossy spot (self leveling gel) looked sort of like a heart and that i'd add some more gloss- in the form of tar gel- for contrast. then i saw the shape like a gingko leaf in the lower right & things changed.

both pieces with a coat of watered down soft gel. this serves to keep big chunks from falling off, but i still need a plan to protect the smaller edges from being knocked off. it may be as simple as a good think coat of medium to sit on top rather than soak in.

here's the 5x7 piece this morning- pretty happy with it. i think a floating frame may be the thing for these- off to the hardware store this weekend to see what i can come up with. 

i added a few touches to the pertoglyph- will post that one tonight. and yes barb, it is headed to the gallery. have a great day all!


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

I love this. It's jumping off the screen and I want to touch it. lol
Stay inspired!

Judy Wood said...

These are showing a lot of promise. I particularly like the bottom one.

Barb said...

I can't believe how that color changed! (Of course, I thought the blue gel was going to stay blue...) I like the texture of it dry.