Thursday, February 17, 2011


i can see that this will be difficult to get a proper photo of. the color is somewhere between the two. i thought i was finished the other day with the first photo, but when i started painting the edges, i pulled some of the color (cadmium first, them sienna) into the piece.

in doing so, i was able to call attention to the figures by hitting the edges with color and, i also think, tie the whole thing together better. i like it.

i need to figure out how to do some floating frames w/o breaking the bank. i think for this one & the plaster pieces that's the way to go to finish them. off to the hardware store to look for molding this weekend, i guess. nowhere i have to go, nothing i have to do- looking forward to it! one more day.....

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Barb said...

Well, I know I'm going to regret saying this because you're sure to change it again but...I LOVE the changes you made to Petroglyph. There - I said it. It seems more alive and the background detail pops more this way. Quick - frame it!