Sunday, February 27, 2011

patience, tolerance & trying again

another hanging day at the gallery, more drama. we had a horrible day as far as damage. we were doing things the way we normally do, were careful and not hurrying but the gremlins had entered the building. at least it stopped at 3 instead of 7. making that call that you have damaged someone's artwork (in my case irreparably) is not fun. i hope to be as understanding when my time comes, as it will. the phone call & apology do a long long way. sometimes stuff does just happen. also, if a piece of art is moved monthly for 6 months the frame is gonna get dings in it. especially if it's a cheap frame. that's what happens.

the other reminder was that just b/c i don't like an artist's work doesn't mean no one else does. it is important to have a mix of styles, subject matter, price ranges. where i get thrown is when i think the work just isn't very good. i think i can usually recognize a piece that i don't like, but is well done. but sometimes not. sometimes there are things i think are poorly done and kinda ugly that sell. probably some members think the same of mine. the one bonus is that it helps me remember it isn't all about price. sometimes the right person finds your art. every sale helps the gallery, so every piece deserves to be presented professionally.

home & my feet were killing me, so couch, ice packs & book. then on to the dreaded prints. i decided i better go with transfers, as the pure printmaking is clearly not my forte. bonnie lhotka's latest digital art book has quite a bit on purell transfers, thought i'd give that a shot.

and it worked! i have 4 decent prints now, and a clear path to make more. now all i need to do is find more left over paper, do gelatine backgrounds & then purell transfers on the front. sometime between now & the 15th. and i'll do a tutorial too. after that.

this is going to be a very busy week. stepson going away party tuesday, work peer in on wed-thurs-fri; business dinner wed, first thurs on, um thurs; helping hang the gypsy month long show on friday. it might be kinda quiet around here. have a good week!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The prints turned out absolutely beautiful!!! I am going to have to do a large transfer page and try some with the Purell....I think it is in one of the current books I read.
I should read one at a time so I know where info is.... ;-)
Have a good week!


becky said...

Hi Marianne,
just catching up on what you've been up to... and that's a lot! Yes, that would be a tough call to make.... but yes, things do happen. Enjoyed checking out your printmaking experiments.... looks like monotypes, which I have not done. Looks like fun- I had no idea you could do transfers like that w/ gelatin! You're always trying something new- I love it! And I love this quote from thursday's post: "it's about being driven to create & learn & grow." 'Zactly!

Barb said...

That last print? Have you shown it before?Are the trees separate from the pink sky and buildings or is it all one print?

marianne said...

two prints-the top one is an image i use a lot in different ways so it may look familiar for that reason.

dewatobay said...

The last two prints look super together.