Thursday, February 24, 2011

the other stuff

here's the other stuff i've been working on- most of it more satisfying than the gel prints-

the other plaster piece, which, although still not fabulous is getting better-

i added a layer of gloss gel to even things out, then dropped some fluid micaceous blah blah (brain death is a scary thing) on this & rubbed in/washed off. the map is receding/not competing with the central image and i like it better. i think it's headed the right direction, maybe a few more layers of glaze.

and 2 more 6x6, which i think are done

it's interesting to try new things and better understand how my mind works. i am sure that with more practice i would be better able to see how prints are going to end up and therefore be better at printmaking. i don't like things that have to be very precise, tho- that just isn't me. i like some leeway- if it isn't perfect i can always photoshop or paint over it.

experimenting seems to be the best way to give myself permission to play and not to have to work to a "finished" and "saleable" piece. with permission to play comes freedom to try new things. it's been a long time coming for me that every piece of art i make doesn't have to end up ready to sell. and this was long before i was in art source and actually had to produce.

this is what my friend zella calls being a working artist. it's not about whether art pays the bills, it's about being driven to create and learn and grow. not churning out the same thing b/c it sells, but following the muse and trusting. in some cases that means becoming intimately acquainted with a medium or a subject- we all do it differently, but in the end it's about learning.


Pam McKnight said...

sounds like some good words of wisdom. Looking forward to hanging out with you and Zella on Sat.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I agree with is the experimentation along that way that keep the artistic mind fresh and saying "What if...."
I have seen the results of people who produce only to *sell*.....and it is like brain death---they are all the same, over and over.....


Barb said...

Let your Inner Child run wild, Marianne! Have a greet weekend. It's snowing here in Breck.