Sunday, February 20, 2011

gelatin prints

i opted in to a print exchange from wingtip press even tho i'm not a printmaker. i have done some monoprints & was assured that transfers would be ok too. need to make 14 prints to send in.
i thought that gel prints might be fun, especially after i read this:
"The plate may be stored in the refrigerator and reused for up to 2 weeks (or until it falls apart or you notice green fuzz, whichever comes first)." sounds like the perfect art form for me:)
i googled & found that 1 pack of gel= 1tbsp, which helped since every recipe talked abt how much water to tbsp of gel. (2 tbsp to 1 c). the one thing not so me about this is having to plan ahead. i started yesterday.
i am quite plastic wrap inept. so i tried to line the pan with saran as directed, but it folded in on itself & rolled down. hoping that didn't matter so much b/c it would solidify levelly anyway.

in the fridge waiting for sunday.

the plastic wrap was a problem, it dried unevenly, some of the gel leaking below the wrap.

decided to play with it anyway- you can see here that the ink didn't cover evenly-

grass from the garden to make a pattern

here's what i ended up with. had the gelatin been level the grass would have left thin lines. it didn't, but these will work fine as backgrounds.

i played with some other techniques- mostly inking some plexi, laying the print down then drawing an image on the back. have to be careful not to put pressure down unless you want to pick up ink. i like the tree, the rest not so much. but i have a bit of time left.

i'm going to buy several boxes of gel, double the recipe & leave out the plastic wrap and give it another shot. i can make layers over the base. fun experiment for the day.

pam came over for part of the afternoon, and echo kept me company the rest of the day. he's such a good studio bou.


Barb said...

When you were a little girl, Marianne, did you like getting really messy and dirty? I thought so... Echo is long-suffering. Tell your parents we had brunch at Strings yesterday - delicious! (I had Crab Benedict)

Kat Sloma said...

Interesting to see the process, and what you have in the works! I look forward to seeing this project unfold.

dewatobay said...

Thanks for the step by step photos - fun.

marianne said...

barb- still do! :) and echo loves the mama, he's happy to be there with me, really!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Yeah - what Barb said! Minus the bit about crab Benedict!

Well, I read this with complete fascination and note that you've bought major gelatin supplies in preparation for tomorrow. I'm still intrigued as to how all this is going to turn out but will look back in on Thursday to see what happened...!