Monday, February 7, 2011

fitting it in

things have been busy, and when i haven't been running i've been recharging, so i didn't make it into the studio this weekend. i will have art night on wednesday, until then it will be grabbing a few minutes here & there- but i have realized that i can make progress even with that if i plan properly.

this is the piece i started in the demo. i collaged the background, then the zebra, to show how rice paper fades away once it's applied with a gel. i also applied airbrush paint (black) and fluid bronze acrylic, watered down, and let them run where they wanted, resulting in this:

and there it sat for a while, looking chinese and maybe wanting a dragon. but not badly enough for me to do anything about it. i kept looking at it. barb mentioned in one post that it looked tribal, and the figures appear to be dancing. coupled with a trip to an area that has petroglyphs that comment gave me a direction.

first, a wash of quincedrone nickel azo to warm things up & make the color more rock like & natural. then, some tissue paper for texture. much as i like the zebra, she isn't going to work here, so she will become deep background. i may put a horse figure back in somewhere along the line though.

i had some light modeling paste mixed with fluid gold acylic left over from the valentine (put in a plastic container similer to a film canister it lasted over a week- great discovery!), so i used that to send our zebra away and to create more texture. yes, i am having a hard time obscuring the images that gave me the idea in the first place, but i hope to retain enough of the movement that it's visible in the background- much like a faded petroglyph.

one of my acrylic books (which i can't lay my hands on right now) has some great layering techniques, one of which involves using tar gel as a resist and building layers over it. that's the idea below- i made figures loosely based on the paint flow and when it dries will layer over with matte gel & whatever else seems right until it feels done. pretty well thought out approach, isn't it? :) 

and now, off to work- stay tuned & have a great week!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love watching you *cook* these collages! No hesitation about covering something~~just off to the races.
I've got to admit I am really excited now to see what the next step will be.
I did manage some studio time this weekend---not what I would have liked but got work done. Amazing! ;-)


Cowgirl Red said...

I love seeing the process. Just beautiful. Terah from CED

Barb said...

I kinda miss the zebra but I do like the petroglyph idea.