Saturday, February 26, 2011


 we did an exquisite corpse at miriam's today to make silent auction pieces for our benefit for the women's and children's alliance. basically, everyone brings a substrate & passes it around for everyone else to work on. it's a really fun exercise, great for learning and stretching.

we had miriam, who works in every media possible; pam- assemblage; me- mixed; julie- colored pencil or oil bar; luann- claims not to be an artist but is; cyndy- assemblage; zella- metal mixed media. we each brought something we had started & bravely sent it around the table to be worked on. (well, the wine helped)

after half an hour, things got passed along for the next person to work on

a few works in progress-

i made myself not bring anything except my started piece. i wanted to work with what was there- which was plenty, but not what i have in my studio. one of the fun & challenging things about this process is to get out of your comfort zone. for julie it was working fast, for cyndy it was painting rather than building, for me it was working with glitter.

someone actually said to me that once i used glitter glue i would never use anything else. not someone who knows me very well.

it was a great afternoon- fun, camaraderie, wine, food, learning. i am lucky know such a talented group of women who are so giving. i do think that next time i do this it will be without a need to have saleable pieces. more room to play.

then home to get ready for the hanging tomorrow. not nearly as dreaful as it sounds, but i do love making it sound dreadful! mostly that involved drinking wine & talking with pam & putting wire on stuff.

julie built me a beautiful frame from the video that judy sent me, and tho this is not a good photo i hope you can tell what a difference it makes to the piece-

that's it for now- hanging day tomorrow & hopefully i can finish some prints in a way i can live with. ugh.


Seth said...

This looks like a lot of fun and the pieces are great. And for a good cause too!!

Pam McKnight said...

fun times, it was great hanging out with all of you. The frame looks great!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Sounds like fun. I really like what you produced between you.