Thursday, February 3, 2011

art or craft?

where do you draw the line? when i juried into Boise Open Studios it was shared with me that some members " ....expressed concern with the pieces containing gold leaf as being too decorative." which i interpret as falling on the crafty side of arts & crafts.

this is a debate that happens often in the gallery. and i sort of feel like if it's well done, what does it matter? bad art is bad art and is more offensive to me than good craft. is weaving art or craft? sewing? does it depend on what is sown? quilts are art, purses are craft? is it, like so many things, subjective?

at the end of the day a gallery has to make money. people tend to buy more earrings than pieces of art to hang on the wall. if the "craft" is of a high enough quality, as it should be to be juried in, then in my opinion bring it on.

one of the members flew off the handle at another for bringing in some things the first deemed "crafty", while the same person was carrying in painted flowerpots to sell. really?

i am curious to know what you think, though. i find the line more blurred every time i think about it, and what i keep coming back to is the quality of the work- the originality, presentation, materials used- i have seen purses that are works of art and i have seen oil paintings & watercolors that most certainly are not.

as with so many things, in the eye of the beholder, i guess.

this being in a cooperative gallery thing sure is an education! it reminds me to be generous and happy for other artists, and glad for their success and sales, for which i am grateful. every sale benefits the gallery, and by extension each artist involved. i just wish every member realized that.


dewatobay said...

attributed to tom stoppard:

"Skill without imagination is craftsmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us modern art."

not sure what I think - still mulling

becky said...

Oh, Marianne... the age old discussion in the art world. I do believe the line is beginning to blur. I've been to art fairs where there is ART & there is CRAFT, and I definitely think some craft is art. (Weaving, hand built pots, woodwork.) I guess then we have to back to the definition of Art, and then, who gets to make that definition. (The owners of the Galleries, the Art critics?) LOL, did one of the members really fly off the handle?!
I enjoy your blog... always some interesting thoughts... oh & GREAT ART!
:) Have nice weekend, Marianne!