Wednesday, February 23, 2011

adventures in printmaking

round two of gelatine printing tonight. the gelatine set better- no plastic wrap underneath this time-

here's the plate inked up with a pattern set up.

paper to be printed

the result

and the plate ready for the ghost print

i didn't feel especially successful with this tonight either. seemed like the ink was too watery, the gel too cold- maybe i need to get it out of the tray, but when i tried that it didn't work so well. even with that, the mechanics worked better, but i just don't see how to build things like a print maker. sort of like painting with watercolor- things just need to be more planned out and that isn't my natural inclination. i can make some good mixed media background papers, though.

for the print exchange, reverted to the monoprint from plexi- worked a little better.

margie brought a dog bed over for murph, so we drank some wine & i worked on some other things, which i'm sure you'll see later. hasta-

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