Friday, January 28, 2011

studio time!

yay! studio time...... i have lots of stuff ready for the gallery for once-

i can't quite figure out where to go with this. i started it in the class i taught at the beginning of the month and was thinking about adding a dragon, but now not so sure. i like the movement and the colors, maybe i need to think more about texture and shiny/matte first. hmmmm

these are 2 6x6 valentines. the first is called crazy

this is be mine

 one will go to the AIDS fundraiser that a local coffee shop does each year. which do you think will raise more money in a silent auction?

looking forward to a quiet weekend- hike tamale morning, quiet day after that, hanging at the gallery sunday am & then more r&r-


Barb said...

That class one is intriguing. The black lines remind me of dancers. It seems tribal to me.

marianne said...

thanks barb- i like tribal rather than oriental, maybe that will help me head in a new direction-

dthaase said...

great site - wonderful art