Sunday, January 23, 2011

studio time!

i was invited to participate in this year's valentine for aids fundraiser at a local independent coffee shop. i had been wanting to participate, but couldn't figure out how to do so. finally found out how to get on the waiting list (yes, there's a waiting list) last year.

i had an idea of what i wanted to do. unfortunately i started by using a BOGO canvas from craft warehouse. which isn't tightly stretched and, even after soaking it to tighten things up it still stretches out. so my plan of putting a layer of self leveling gel on top to add a glossy topping & make the top level with the modeling paste swirlies didn't work.

the canvas sagged, the gel separated and instead of a nice level finish i have a few crevasses to deal with. i even scraped & tried again with a support under the canvas & support on the sides to keep everything level. no dice. no more cheap canvasses for me!

the heart in the center should dry clear. the first shot, with heavy soft gel, did- there's self leveing gel on that  which is cloudy. i'm wondering if there's a way to salvage this. i am really annoyed. i think i may mix red into tar gel & float it over the divots. or see if self leveling gel will fill in. or maybe just toss it. grrr.

luckily, i also started this recently. called crazy. i can use it just as easily, but i liked the whole idea of the other one.

i also worked on this. the first shot is from a few days ago. i painted sienna around the outside and didn't like the outside for some reason. decided it was because the left side is relatively flat compared to the rest.

 so i put some light modeling paste on the side to build up the texture.

i like this lots better- maybe even "done" better. another piece that i'm curious whether the old guard at the gallery will ok for me to hang, b/c it is quite clearly based on a photo. this could be interesting!

and lastly, this one had a modeling paste fleur de lis on the left, but it really didn't work with the gate on the right (relic of the class i did). so, light modeling paste to the rescue (theme of the day). i slopped it on and then drew the tropical leaves in with a skewer. will paint over & blend into the other side somehow. mo bettah.

another crazy week ahead! gallery marketing meetin tuesday night, work people in wed night, gotta get on the ball for march gypsy and the next open studios meeting. sunday is hanging at the gallery (again! already!)

woo hoo. great week all-


Pam McKnight said...

looks like someone has been busy! do you have time to do studio on tues.? I'll start on a letter!!

Marilyn said...

I'm loving the cactus with the sienna around it. Quite unique.