Sunday, January 2, 2011

setting things up

the day started at the gallery, doing the swap out for january. we also hung the emerging artist show. it looks great, which is really exciting. there's a moment in any juried show where (as the hostess) you worry about the number & quality of submissions. so far, in every show i've been involved in, those fears have been unfounded & the shows have been great.

we even agreed on the winners for the most part- amazing!

got home, ate jambalaya :), walked dogs & headed to the studio to prepare for tomorrow night's demo. one thing i said i'd show but haven't done is the saran wrap technique below. the top layer is a glaze (4:1 paint to glazing medium or 2:1 for a more transparent layer). crumble up plastic wrap & moosh it into the paint. remove before the paint dries, but give it some time to set up. i was going to do a rose hip laser transfer on this, but i rubbed too hard & ripped the paper. grrrr. went to plan b. glad that happened in the studio & not the class!

here i am all packed up! yeah, i don't travel light. i decided, though, that since i work in a go with the flow manner that is how i need to do the demo. it would be odd & awkward if i tried to plan things out too much, so i decided what techniques i want to show & what mediums to bring and am leaving the rest to happen as it will. i realized (thank you anne) that it helps me to know that some artists i admire don't lay everything out beforehand, and maybe it will help someone else to know that too.

that being the case, this is an amazingly small pile o' stuff! and those 6 pack wine bottle carriers from alby's work great to carry mediums :)

this took an odd turn, but i like it- paint is still wet, but will scan when it dries. i think i'll call it "thorny".

if i can get someone to take photos tomorrow night i'll share. otherwise, you'll just get the narrative.

happy 2011 & back to the real world all!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I see you pack like I do.....which is why I never travel for a class!
Hope the demo goes well tonight and that someone there has a camera handy! Best of luck to you; I am sure everyone will enjoy seeing you at work.
I'll have to seek out some of those wine bottle carriers.....*just for art*....of course! ;-D


Missy said...

Fun painting!